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I searched the archives and I found the question I had gripes about, way back when:

As a young boy, George Washington hoped to learn how to act like a proper eighteenth-century Virginia gentleman by copying the 110 "Rules of Civility" from a text by John T. Phillips. Which rule makes it to The Last Crusade?

Hint: The mailing address on the Grail Diary cannot be seen in the movie, neither can this minutia. If you've enjoyed the recent reading material flooding the bookstores since last May and you've paid close attention to the clues, a tenacious Indy Fan will make short work of this.

At the time, I felt that asking questions about things that are not actually in the movie was a bit... excessive, and I tried to answer it by reading all 110 rules and making a guess (which was wrong, BTW), but that was then; now I obsessively look forward to Pat's trivia, the tougher the better!
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