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For the Hard Core Indy Cast Listener, as well as the 50th Episode of the Indy Cast: What does the following partial list have in common?

The Henry Sr quote: Five Minutes would have been enough
The Indy quotes: That belongs in a museum, and Fortune and Glory
James T Kirk screaming: Kahn!
Howard the Duck quote: I am now one of the dark warlords of the universe
The Wilhelm Scream
Indiana Jones and the Song of Theme
Top Secret's Val Kilmer Eddie Tagoe sharing a bottle
Bogart and Federales from The Treasure of the Sierra Madre
The LSO tribute to John Williams
A deceitfully Discofied Indy and
Dan Aykroyd's Crystal Head pitch

I listed them in the order they were podcasted, so the sooner you answered the more fanatical you are!

I mentioned closing out the Indy Cast last week, but in a tradition going back a year to episode 2, the Indy Cast credits and disclaimers would sometimes be followed by an additional clip referring to an earlier story or feature. Noteworthy was Ed's promise of no more discofied Indy which did manage a parting shot at the end of that episode.

Thanks again to Ed for over two years of shows packed into one.
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