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The BV-38 Flying Wing pinned Harrison to the ground after he slipped during the fight scene. A story goes as far as recalling how the crew had to push it off him and that the intense desert heat had softened the wheel enough that, despite Harrison's initial scream it didn't crush his knee and he was able to ice it and go on with the show.

Harrison Ford told Prevue Magazine: "All day long the technical crew was having trouble with the plane. It weighed a couple of tons, so they were powering it with low-gear, high-torque electric motors -- the kind that can push through a brick wall without slowing down. They had to stay out of camera range, at the end of a cable 50 yards away. We rehearsed the scene several times, then decided to shoot." "Everybody's ready and the take begins. I go down and start to roll away -- and my foot slips, right under the rolling plane's tire. Everybody was yelling, 'Stop! STOP!' while the tire crawled up my leg. Luckily the brakes worked -- inches before my knee was crushed -- but I was pinned to the sand," Ford said. "I'm not normally a worrier, I know they're not going to kill the main character in a twenty million dollar film," Ford continued. "I also know Indy wouldn't look good with a peg-leg. I was a lot more careful about stunt work after that!"

Despite his new found caution, Harrison's luck with planes would continue. In one of the final scenes filmed for Raiders, he was climbing into the Biplane when it crashed while filming takeoffs in Hawaii. Harrison says, "he was unable to use the rudder of the airplane to control direction and we took off, we crashed." Pictures of the plane partially submerged, on the side Harrison was climbing, can be seen in The Complete Making of Indiana Jones. According to Harrison,"[Spielberg] left after it crashed the first time."
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