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Thanks for the links/mp3s. Man, that narrator on the Temple version brings me back...that guy did voices for so many records...from Star Trek to Spider Man, (not to comprehensive alphabetically!), and I still hate his voice! I can't be any happier they didn't mess with Raiders. Any one I knew who picked this up had already seen the movie...and that's why we picked it up! Sounds/Voices and Music. Thank The Lord there was no voice overs!

Come to think of it this product line parallels the films in certain regards.

Raiders was stand alone and didn't need anything, no explanation, nothing else. (Ben Burt's sounds John Williams Music and the actors could close your eyes and see the film!)

Temple, fun and wild but ultimately a big wet nurse. (I don't want someone reading the story to me! I'd rather hear the sounds clearly and figure it out for myself!)

Crusade, they made a good faith effort bringing Sallah back, (great to see, interesting to hear), but didn't really use him that well.

Thanks again for the links...hooking up the turn table just got knocked down the priority list
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