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Originally Posted by Rocket Surgeon
What IS a valid reason? Really? If you have or can see none that's fine. I see the need for redemption, I see the desire for a last hurrah...

The story can be the only valid reason. They had plenty of time since TLC to work on what became KOTCS.

Now Spielberg and Ford (and the wannabe Shia) want to push Lucas for one more, and he seems to be dragging his feet. Either he sees the problems ahead (which will be even more compounded than in KOTCS), or he just doesn't have the desire or the inclination.

I don't see the point of what would be one last rushed Indy movie, just to have some more Harrison screen time. It won't be classic. Just a sad end.

They should have milked the holy cow more between 1989 and 2008. They'll be hard pressed to find much milk left in her. What we wish for might end up being a load more bull.

EDIT: On second thoughts, to hell with Indy's legacy. Another film might give us more classic action figures!
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