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Originally Posted by Attila the Professor
(Threads merged, largely because I think this is a great topic, and there's been good stuff said on it previously.)
So, Raiders112390 started *3* seperate threads about Indy in the '60s.
Originally Posted by Raiders112390
Actually, the early '60s are more akin to the '30s than the '50s. The '50s were gray, dry, boring--The Ike years. The '30s and early '60s had FDR and JFK--glamorous eras. Women in pillbox hats and gloves, Doo Wop instead of Rock, Kennedy instead of old, gray Eisenhower.
Firstly, from this and your other posts, your perception of the 1950s & '60s is very U.S.-centric and you seem to be stuck on this tunnel-vision view. For instance, travel back in time to the Congo in the early '60s and I doubt you'd find it very glamorous with Doo Wop in the air and women wearing pillbox hats and gloves.

Secondly, "The '50s were gray, dry, boring"? Were you alive at that time? I wasn't either but it was far from a boring decade for America. WW2 was over and people went back to living normal lives in a time of great prosperity. The space race began, passenger jet flights became available, expressways were being built, 'car culture' was born, the civil rights movement was underway, television entered homes, Cinemascope, 3-D movies, the fashion explosion, portable transistor radios, rock'n'roll, pop-art, plastics, etc.
Originally Posted by Indy's brother
How about a TOD style adventure without any stops in the U.S., or any real references to western culture.
Originally Posted by Rocket Surgeon
Raiders and the original trilogy were not constrained by much in the way of period pieces. There are still many locales that exist which still function in ways that haven't changed in a thousand years.
Agreed with both of you. Apart from "Skull", the U.S. locations are only a tiny fraction of "Raiders" and "Crusade". If there ever will be a 5th film set in the early '60s, we don't need to see Indy stuck in the States like some agent in the FBI. He's a globe-trotting adventurer!
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