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Originally Posted by Raiders112390
The 60s can be easily divided into two eras--The Kennedy/early LBJ years, which were culturally just an extension of the 1950s, and the Beatle era, beginning in 1964. The "Hippie '60s" didn't truly begin until sometime between 1965-1966. Even in 1964, the Beatles were still considered a silly fad (Look at James Bond's comment about listening to the Beatles without earmuffs in 1964's Goldfinger. Even Bond wasn't out of date yet). Look at shows like Mad Men, set in the early-mid 60s; Men still wear hats, dress dressy, etc. I think the early-mid 1960s is still an "Indy friendly" era.
Indiana Jones' world is much larger than the U.S. and your ideas about the '50s & '60s are too American-centric. (Hey, Raiders112390, did you know that "the Beatle era" actually began before the band came to North America in 1964?)

Quoting all of the errors & conflicting things you've said about the '50s & '60s throughout the various Raven threads would take forever to put together. For now, I'll confine it to this:
Originally Posted by Raiders112390
I too think we'll get a return to timeless wilderness in an Indy 5 if it's set in the '60s. The early '60s (1960-1963) are a very quiet, transitional period really, culturally speaking. They're sort of like the Truman era--A forgotten period boxed in by two romanticized eras (the Depression 1930s/FDR 40s and Ike/Greaser '50s). They wouldn't be of interest to George. He's never shown any interest in the pop culture of that era. He's a 50s guy.
Right. (According to Raiders112390), George Lucas has NEVER shown any interest in the early '60s even though..."American Graffiti" is set in 1962 and "More American Graffiti" begins in 1964!
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