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Originally Posted by Raiders112390
Well, I'm an American, so my perception of the 50s and 60s (and other eras) are of course centered on my own country. Indy is an American character. His world might be a very large one, but he is a Yank nonetheless.
Open your mind, man. Broaden your horizons. Indy is a Yank who travels around the world. You complain about American, '50s culture being overused in Indy 4 but express great interest in seeing Indy within the "glamorous", Kennedy years and continually mention the "Doo Wop era". Do you really want Indy to stay at home in a (hypothetical) new movie?
Originally Posted by Raiders112390
I don't see why you're being so technical about things.
To help you with being more concise in your vague interpretation of modern history.
Originally Posted by Raiders112390
I just don't feel that the "50s" would be as big of a force in an Indy film set in the early '60s. We already went down that road in KOTCS.

And my "errors" and "conflicting things" about the '50s and '60s?
What "errors" about the periods?

I just see the Rock '50s (1953/1954-1959 or so) as different from the Kennedy years, from an American point of view.

Well, this is the newest example of your conflicting statements right there (with plenty more laying around). You have REPEATEDLY said that there is very little difference between the America of the 1950s and the early '60s...Now you're saying that there *IS* a difference so it's difficult to determine what your definite disposition is, when discussing these decades.

Regarding errors: My above post from 5 months ago (#81) addresses your crazy claims that the 1950s were "gray, dry, boring".

(Not to mention, you started 3 seperate threads about Indy in the '60s! Thankfully, all 3 of them have been merged together.)

Anyway, I'd still like to know WHY you said Lucas has never shown any interest in the early 1960s, even though he made 2 movies about that era!
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