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Originally Posted by Finn
You and millions of others. The Witcher III is one of those generational titles that will influence its genre for years to come. I mean, "what Half-Life did to FPSes" kind of influence.

I'm curious if anybody has seriously considered that fan petition to bring the series to the small screen via HBO. With six-million copies sold in the first six weeks, that seems like a solid foundation for a series. I don't even think Game of Thrones hit those kinds of numbers until season three.

I'm currently at ~67 hours in and I've come to something of an impasse. I've just (perhaps unfortunately) lost Triss* to Kovir and hit let level 19 in the process. If I keep running around Novigrad, I'll be wildly over leveled for the rest of the game and if I continue through to the end then I'll be wildly over leveled for everything else afterwards. Assuming, of course, that the side quests remain open.

More thoughts later, but Gwent is really, really fun. I'm looking forward to the stand alone game.

Originally Posted by Finn
Yes, you can boink her later.

She's no Ves, and definitely no Yennefer, but Keira grew on me.

Off to the Passiflora!
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