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Originally Posted by StoneTriple
NONE OF THIS IS REAL. There isn't real make-believe vs false make-believe. The novels can be whatever you want them to be. The novels are Indiana Jones stories, Lucas' thoughts on them are inconsequential.
Originally Posted by Montana Smith
I do like chronologies to be all nice, neat and orderly. I like to see the connections between books or between films.

He was born on film and for me, THAT is the be all end all.

I agree with Stone Triple on many points, but most of all that this can all be what you want it to be.

I like things to be orderly as well. Unfortunately the past like the future is always in motion, so default/defacto are the films.

To me the other stuff is just fluff however much fun. I still have a great copy of Greedo being fried first, as such I'm thankful the Cairo Swordsman still hasn't "shot first."

I go back once again to "Splinter of the Mind's Eye." A fine book no doubt, but meaningless, contradictory and as a child I deemed it a waste of time. I wanted to know more about Star Wars and this was a dead end. So, no such thing as a "Grand Admiral Thrawn", no such thing as "The Solo Twins" (can't wait for THAT Nickelodeon series)...screw that crap.

Same with Indy. Read them enjoy them. Build a universe out of them, waste your time. The films either validate or invalidate ALL other material.

So until we have some Blu-Ray tweaks, there's only one Indy "canon" and it fell off the cliff with Vogel.

As Lao(land) Che(e) writes:

Originally Posted by Lao_Che
He hasn't stopped them being canon.
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