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Originally Posted by Stone Triple
I generally find the novels much more enjoyable than the films.
Really? Other than that, I agree with everything you wrote above.
Originally Posted by Col. Detritch
Philosopher’s Stone and Iron Phoenix both deal with the Philosopher’s stone as the maguffin and I like both stories so I chose to see it as Indy dealing with two different stones both with the same name. My reasoning is that IP deals with Albertus Magnus and his version of the story of the stone and PS involving Nicholas Flamel and his account of the stone. These are both separate historical accounts about a 'Philosopher’s stone' but the origins behind them are completely different.
Plus, Indy also goes after Nicolas Flamel's account of the stone in the French comic, "Indiana Jones et le Grimore Maudit". All 3 of the Philosopher's Stone stories were published within a few months of each other in 1995. Oh, the conundrum!
Originally Posted by Lao_Che
He hasn't stopped them being canon.
True and if anyone would know, it'd be you. However Lucas has said things here & there which indicate that they're not.
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