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Originally Posted by Stoo
A 4th Philospher's Stone? Is "Beyond the Lucifer Chamber" a West End Games module?

Issue 21 of the Marvel comics. It isn't seen, but Austin Coleridge claims he touched the Philosopher's Stone which has turned his hand to gold and it lies behind the door in the Lucifer Chamber (in a mine in Wales).

He thinks the door is the path to an underground city called Agharta which is the home to a lost but still active group of alchemists.


Of the WEG books, I like Indiana Jones Artifacts alot. Most of it's presented as the journal fragments of some nameless archaeologist commissioned to index the world's artifacts. Their worth, locations, powers and hearsay etc.

I'm not typing the whole section but:

Originally Posted by Indiana Jones Artifacts
The philosopher's stone in question belonged to an amateur German alchemist who was hung by Frederick of Wurzburg.

It then says the alchemist didn't know its true natue and after his death, the stone was confiscated but as the officials didn't regard it either, the Stone was tossed aside and used as a brick in the building of a clock tower at Wurzburg.

The additional "Rumors and Legends" notes include one saying that a ground up philosopher's stone is required to make the formula for Greek fire, and another note saying that if there's one source of stones, it's in China where they first appeared.
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