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Originally Posted by Sakis
The first picture (the coloured one) was published at Charles Champlin's book "George Lucas: The Creative Impulse - Lucasfilm's First Twenty Years" in 1992. The picture was spread across two pages and was blur. Perhaps that is the reason why five years later when they published a revised and updated edition, called "George Lucas: The Creative Impulse - Lucasfilm's First Twenty-Five Years" the picture was substituted by one of Short Round fighting Thugees with a torch. The second picture (b&w) I have only saw it at a French film book that I've forgotten its name many years ago. Actually, I had borrowed that book from the library of the French Institute in Athens through my sister. The rumor that upon it's return the book lacked a page has never been substantiated.

Anyway, both pictures (already part of the deleted scenes page at and scanned by yours truely) come from a deleted scene where Indy and co. help the indian children to cross the lava chasm with a plank. That's how the children find their way to the palace interior. Unfortunately, when it is Short Round's turn to cross the chasm the plank is ablaze forcing our heroes to go back through the mines. In J.W. Rinzler's "The Complete Making of Indiana Jones: The Definitive Story Behind All Four Films" you can see a picture of Indy helping the kids cross the chasm at page 155.

It may be the same pic, (the internet is incestuous), though I didn't pluck it from The Since this conversation heated up, I've been looking through various bookmarks for the link. I will post it when I find it, however it's from a site I stumbled upon which was host to a well of Paramount Pictures stills. I'm affraid until I recover it, I can't explain it any goes on.
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