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Originally Posted by Stoo
Would be nice if there was more conversation. How sad is it that "Whatcha playin? (In Video Games Wise.)", "Random Picture Thread" and "Post your desktop" have more activity than the subject of deleted scenes? The younger "What r u eating?" thread even has double the amount of hits as this one. Pathetic.

Originally Posted by Rocket Surgeon
I guess it's up to us. No offense, but the whole draw of saying something random about the person above, (among others) escapes me. If it was a thread frequented by the writing staff of Your Show of Shows maybe, but...

It ain't easy getting old!

Ever felt Indy-weary? Or more specifically Raven-weary?

I descended into the decadence of posting silly pictures and poking fun at silly threads. Then I was going to give up on this place, and break the addiction. But it keeps calling me back.

My Indy-mojo, however, is still weak and flat-lining...
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