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Originally Posted by Colonel_Vogel
All of us know Vogel is awesome. I even set my username to Colonel Vogel because of him He was made from this setting of villains: Champaign Villain (Donovan) Evil Nazi (Vogel) And/or evil woman(Elsa)
This combinations, according to Steven Spielberg, "Works wonderfully". And boy did it! I give it a !HE IS FREAKING AWESOME

"...And zis is how vee say goodbye in Germany Dr.Jones....*PUNCH*"
"Vhat are you hiding? Vhat does zee diary tell you zat it doesn't tell us?"
"Let me kill zem now!"
"Bing Ding Schatz"
The last one was actually "Bringt den Schatz!".
Originally Posted by Kooshmeister
Anyone notice how, Indy-like, his hat is never knocked off until the climax of the tank scene? Both he and Indy lose their hats there.
Indeed. And has anyone ever noticed that "Vogel" is an anagram of "glove"? He indeed wear his leather gloves at all times and only ever briefly removes one when he wants to slap a prisoner with it.
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