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Originally Posted by Forbidden Eye
Given Kathleen Kennedy is running Lucasfilm these days and what we've seen of Star Wars, I do think they'll go in that direction.

Personally I'm not crazy about it. Most movies these days are forcing female characters these days in the name of "diversity", giving Indy a young female protege is a little too obvious, especially given Star Wars is already doing that. It would be tiresome.

A younger sidekick is inevitable, especially given Ford's age, but I think the character and dilemmas she describe could easily work just as well with a young male. I'd just assume they keep the sidekicks male. She mentions "civil rights" of the '60s, a black male might be interesting, but again, Star Wars is already tackling that.

The most interesting thing about her analysis, to me, is she says Kingdom is bad for the same tired and lame reason everyone states, "because it was about aliens", yet she offered no ideas about what the Macguffin would be. It's funny how Indy 4 haters always bash it because the premise of aliens yet they offer no suggestions on what the film should've been about or what Indy 5 should be about, which is why that criticism runs hollow. Many people trash Temple of Doom as well, does it really come down to the fact that the Macguffin has to be an artifact tied in to Christianity for Western audiences to get on board?

I agree about the younger sidekick angle too. And since LaBeouf is now damaged goods...but though Ford is getting older I do not think they'll try to do a direct replacement with the younger sidekick like they tried to set up for Mutt. I was thinking that if they wanted to go the Ph.D. route, maybe have Indy be her thesis advisor or something? Like he agrees to supervise field work she does, and thats where the beginning of the adventure starts.
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