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Originally Posted by Forbidden Eye
Given Kathleen Kennedy is running Lucasfilm these days and what we've seen of Star Wars, I do think they'll go in that direction.

Personally I'm not crazy about it. Most movies these days are forcing female characters these days in the name of "diversity", giving Indy a young female protege is a little too obvious, especially given Star Wars is already doing that. It would be tiresome.
You can bet your hat that there'll be a girl in Indy 5. It's inevitable, unfortunately, and the 2 latest "Star Wars" movies are very telling indicators.

Originally Posted by Randy_Flagg
We've already seen Indy with two young male sidekicks (Shorty and Mutt), but seeing him with another one would be somehow less obvious and tiresome than seeing him with a young female sidekick?
Forbidden Eye doesn't mean "obvious" & "tiresome" for the series itself but, rather, that it's increasingly common in action movies nowadays to have female leads. It would good if Indy 5 bucked the current trend by keeping it as a 'guys-movie' (however unlikely that will be). We already got a female villain in "Skull" so guess what's next?

Plus, this YouTuber wants to have Indy's fedora passed on to a young woman?!? Noooooo, thank you.

Originally Posted by IndyBuff
I'd also be interested in seeing the government come to Indy for help one last time,...
What gave me a chuckle is when she said, "the typical Indiana Jones thing where, y'know, someone from the government comes along and, uh, says we have this problem or this crisis...". Sorry, doll, but that only happened in *1* movie. It's not "typical".

Originally Posted by IndyBuff
I'm also curious why she thinks Indy doesn't publish articles or write papers.
It's probably because she isn't familiar enough with the movies to know what she's talking about. Why would Major Eaton call Indy "an expert on the occult" if he never published anything? Even Chatter Lal said he FIRST heard of Dr. Jones while he was at Oxford and called him an "eminent archaeologist". To be fair, it's not specifically stated that Indy writes papers but those are hints that he has already done so.
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