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Originally Posted by Raiders112390
There is a lot of nostalgia for the 1930s because of things like the birth of cinema...

I doubt Tom Joad is nostalgic for the thirties.

I would argue that you're externalizing aspects of the thirties when the real lasting appeal of the decade (and the forties) is the indelible mark the events have left on the national character; a series of events that Europe in particular had already gone through following Dubya Dubya One.

That said, The Gilded Age is indeed a fascinating time period. It's a time of great social and political upheaval the world over.

Examples: In China the Jūnfá shídài or Warlord Era is going on;

Karl Marx has recently published Das Kapital.

The British have assumed control of the Khedive of Egypt.

The Russo-Japanese War earns TR the Nobel Peace Prize.

I could go on, but that's more than enough. Young Indiana Jones touched on a lot of the periphery of these events, but given his age, remain superficial. You really need an adult to go through the events of the era.

Also of note: It was also a time of an expression of national/tribal character through dress. The Turks, for example, weren't wearing tee shirts and pointy shoes.
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