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Originally Posted by Raiders112390
I'll refine my commnt about the "birth of cinema in the 30s" to better convey my intent. The 1930s are known as the start of the Golden Era in Hollywood by some. You had celebrity actors and actresses prior to this, but, the 1930s were the age of Clark Gable, of William Powell, of Carole Lombard, etc, the 1930s cemented cinema as a major form of mass media rather than a novelty or merely an art form. It was a different world already within twenty years. People used cinema in the 1930s to escape the harshness of reality. Compared with the relative prosperity of the 1920s.

That's what I meant. That Cinema was literally born in the 1930s but the concepts of the actor/superstar and the actor/actress as fashion icon or social icon were greatly shaped then.
Hello? Look up the word "literal" in the dictionary, squire. Cinema wasn't "literally born in the 1930s". For sure, that decade marked the beginning of its Golden Age but I'm reacting solely to your erroneous terminology. It's like saying that the birth of the World Wide Web was in 2006 because of Facebook.

Originally Posted by Raiders112390
And sure, there have been movies set during these periods but nothing with feel of Indy. Nothing with an utterly mysterious rag tag group of mercenaries like the ones Indy encountered in 1912.
Nothing?!? You are mistaken, dude. You just don't know about them yet!
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