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Kai Hagen
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People are more familiar with the 1930s. But the 1900-1910 era would be fresh air to them. There were many significant incidents that happened during that time, which many people aren't aware of.

Some examples (although some of these examples are tragic, but then it would be a good theme for a film):

1. The Wright Brothers achieve their first manned flight.

2. Einstein publishes the Annus mirabilis papers. It contributed substantially to the foundation of modern physics.

3. Pierre and Marie Curie discover radium and polonium

4. The Second Boer War ends, resulting in the British victory over southern Africa.

5. Russo-Japanese War - Japan defeats Russia and becomes recognized as a great power. Korea becomes a Japanese territory, tragic end to the Korean king and queen.

6. The 1905 Russian Revolution

7. The construction of the Panama Canal begins.

8. Sound radio broadcasting is invented by Reginald Fessenden and Lee De Forest.

9. The 1906 San Francisco earthquake
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