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Originally Posted by JuniorJones
For those who are not aware of the reason why the artist team changed on issue 3. This was due to the death of Gene Day by a coronary in his sleep.

Here's part of an interview that took place with Jim Shooter in September 1982.

Jim Shooter: Well, Gene never left. Gene, unfortunately, died last week.

Interviewer: We're talking about Gene Day?

Jim Shooter: Yes, of a heart attack but uh…at the point when he died he was still doing a regular series for us, THE FURTHER ADVENTURES OF INDIANA JONES and quite a lot of other work besides. I know that Gene, like many other guys, was doing some work on the outside for independent, smaller publishers and like that.

Gene Day's death was the first time I learned of the demise of a comic book creator, and I felt his loss keenly then--I was 11 years old in 1982--as his work on Master of Kung Fu and an issue of Star Wars (#68) had such beautiful detail. No one drew cathedrals and graveyards like Gene Day. He also used a storytelling technique that employed all the panels on a page to follow a single page of action. There's a fight sequence in Master of Kung Fu #115 where this is realized to perfection.
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