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Originally Posted by InBanana Jones
Gene Day's death was the first time I learned of the demise of a comic book creator, and I felt his loss keenly then--I was 11 years old in 1982--as his work on Master of Kung Fu and an issue of Star Wars (#68) had such beautiful detail. No one drew cathedrals and graveyards like Gene Day. He also used a storytelling technique that employed all the panels on a page to follow a single page of action. There's a fight sequence in Master of Kung Fu #115 where this is realized to perfection.

I was also a fan/collector of Master of Kung Fu and Star Wars comics in the early '80's, and I agree that GD's artwork was groundbreaking, breathtaking, incredibly detailed, and powerful. Day's work on MOKF was especially incredible, and many of his panels deserve to be framed as works of art. (His artwork in Star Wars was amazing as well, i.e. the issues when Leia was looking for Han Solo and ran into a group of Mandalorian warriors (i.e., Boba Fett's) ).

I remember reading MOKF towards the end of the series (it ended with issue #125), and being surprised that Day wasn't doing the art in these final issues. However, I didn't realize until years later that Gene Day had passed away during that time.

Not to get too much off topic, but here's hoping that MOKF will be reprinted at some point in the future, since my original comics are long gone (this won't happen anytime soon because of rights/licensing issues, but one can always hope).
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