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Originally Posted by Mitchellhallock
Guys if you are looking to buy some of Danny's Marvel Indy try Anthonys art in new jersey. He has an ebay store and most of the art is between 75-100 per pages. He had a Herb Trimpe cover for issue 19 I think but wanted 1500. I talked him down to 1000 but I asked Herb Trimpe himself if he art was worth that price and he laughingly told me no. So I passed. If I find his card I'll give it to you. Speaking of Gene Day I do remember how sad that was. Don't forget another great from the 1980s Marvel writer Bill Mantlo who suffered a devastating brain injury after getting hit by a motorcycle. He is still alive but I believe his brother cares for him now.

Are you sure it wasn't issue 16? 19 isn't by Trimpe. I was offered the cover to issue to 15 and 16 for a piece of Romita Sr. Spider-Man art but I feel the Trimpe covers are over valued, so I passed and sold the Romita for cash. Shortly after the Indy covers wound up with Anthony. He still has 16 for sale for $1,250.
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