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Originally Posted by Pale Horse
Bring on a Bond girl. A Beautiful Bimbo, without the self-awareness of herself.
Most of the Bond girls were clever & smart.
Originally Posted by Dana Scully
I agree that Marion and Elsa could both be seen as daring and audacious but neither of them were anywhere close to being an equal to Indy in the action stakes, which is really what I'd like to see. The only female lead that was as good a fighter as Indy was Irina Spalko but I don't count her as being an 'Indy girl', she was the primary antagonist who had no romantic subplot, with Indy or otherwise.

I don't really have great issue with there being another 'damsel in distress' type, as long as she's nowhere near as 'pathetic' as Willie and she learns to toughen up somewhat throughout the movie.
To each his/her own, I guess. Willie is a classic archetype so it would fitting to return to that, even if she doesn't "toughen up" in the end. If you want to see a female equivalent "in the action stakes" then perhaps those "Tomb Raider/Relic Hunter" things might be better for you? As Le Saboteur already pointed out, it's supposed to be an Indiana Jones movie. One of the general criticisms of "Skull" was an unnecessary focus on the Spalko/Mutt fight, taking away the attention of our hero. Sorry, Dana, but I can't see a strong chick sharing action-time in Indy 5 to be a good thing.
Originally Posted by Z dweller
...the tough chick vs. damsel in distress debate, how about an Indy girl who's at the same time brainy, knowledgeable and capable of helping our hero with puzzles and booby* traps, but otherwise pretty clumsy and defenseless?
Emily Dreggs is whom you're after, Mr. Z Dweller, and rightly so. From Adam Hughes' unpublished, "Indiana Jones and the Jungle Queen": A female lead with a nerdy look who has bandaged knees & elbows (which testify to her clumsiness in the wild). By appearance, she has all the right traits. Shame about her haircut, though!

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