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Originally Posted by Le Saboteur
It was fun. But it's almost as if you've never heard of The Mummy.
Au contraire, mon ami...
I had that movie in general, and that scene in particular, firmly in mind when I made my suggestion.

Just because Mrs Weisz played a similar role in The Mummy, doesn't mean the same idea wouldn't work even better for Indy 5.
Unlike Indy, Rick O'Connell is hardly an erudite character, so his interaction with Evelyn Carnahan is completely different from the type of relationship I described in my OP.

Also, I would envisage the next Indy girl to be a lot less shy and bookish than Evelyn Carnahan, physically more attractive and elegant.

Perhaps not so far from this?

Originally Posted by Stoo
Emily Dreggs is whom you're after, Mr. Z Dweller, and rightly so. From Adam Hughes' unpublished, "Indiana Jones and the Jungle Queen": A female lead with a nerdy look who has bandaged knees & elbows (which testify to her clumsiness in the wild). By appearance, she has all the right traits. Shame about her haircut, though!

I actually don't mind her haircut, but she's a bit too chubby for my liking in those drawings, and I'm sure Indy would agree.
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