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Originally Posted by Dr. Gonzo
Sorry about that. Didn't mean to offend anyone if I did. In any case he was a nice guy, even to the lesser actors like us.
All I was trying to say was, for me, Nielsen is up their wit Jack Nicholson and Brando...
maybe why I drunkenly added "American". Very sad.
Don't worry, Gonzo, no offense taken. I just wanted to point out his nationality because, all too often, many Canadian celebrities are mistaken as being American.
Originally Posted by Finn
I do. Though you got this bass-ackwards. It was the series that came first.
Yes, you're absolutely right. My memory failed me and I should have said that "Police Squad" was a pre-cursor to the "Naked Gun" movies. Funny show and nice to know that someone else remembers it!
Originally Posted by Finn
And I see nothing "sad" with Mr. Nielsen being remembered the way he is. It's exactly why he was and will be loved. As the sentiment dating back to Shakespearean days claims: "Drama is hard. Yet comedy is harder." And Leslie Nielsen, he was a master.
A "master"? To quote "Airplane": Surely, you can't be serious? The man was an actor reading lines from a script and fumbled around. Calling him a master at comedy is giving too much credit. As for "sad", I guess you didn't see the TV commercials that I did which had Leslie Nielsen tripping over his own feet, bumping into things, etc. Did you ever see "Spy Hard"? That was terrible!

Re: "exactly why he was and will be loved" is relative. Personally, I'll remember him much more for his appearances in '70s TV shows (and his bit in "Viva Knievel") rather than the foolish characters he played in the 2nd half of his career.
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