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Originally Posted by Kevin
If Professor X doesn't pan out as viable custom fodder for suited characters, perhaps these will fit the bill:

Way to be on the ball, Kevin!

Just saw the "MIB 3" figures in the stores today.

Picked up an Agent K figure.

They stand just slightly taller than the Indy/SW figures.

But it's always great to have more "civilian" looking figures for Indy customs and dioramas.

It's a very good Tommy Lee Jones likeness (Captain America custom potential), but, naturally, he's wearing the MIB trademark sunglasses, which kind of spoils it.

Interestingly, the suit jacket for the K and J figures is a single separate piece. The figures wear it like a vest, but you could remove it if you took the arms off and use it on another body. For all those customizers out there.....
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