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Originally Posted by Lance Quazar
Way to be on the ball, Kevin!

Just saw the "MIB 3" figures in the stores today.

Picked up an Agent K figure.

They stand just slightly taller than the Indy/SW figures.

But it's always great to have more "civilian" looking figures for Indy customs and dioramas.

It's a very good Tommy Lee Jones likeness (Captain America custom potential), but, naturally, he's wearing the MIB trademark sunglasses, which kind of spoils it.

Interestingly, the suit jacket for the K and J figures is a single separate piece. The figures wear it like a vest, but you could remove it if you took the arms off and use it on another body. For all those customizers out there.....

Hey, so has anyone used the MIB figures for any Indy customs? I used a spare Agent K that I picked up to make a Daniel Craig James Bond:

Worked out pretty well with the Golden Compass Craig head, but the neck peg on the Agent K figure is a little weird.
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