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Originally Posted by Lance Quazar

That comic was seriously funny and, man, that camper is AMAZING.

At first I thought it might be playmobil, but it is way too good.

Need to find out if the company makes any other 1:18 vehicles. So far, found a mini-cooper and some diecast-y cars. Wish to heck they had some period stuff, as that is a marvelous toy.

Alas, I don't need to send my Indy figures on any anachronistic road trips (funny though they may be....)


It was the camper that made me do a second take. Never seen it before, but it somehow got caught up with a Google search for images of Scooby's Camp Scare.

Found one listed on Ebay.


Authentic camper with the scale 1:18 with friction movement drive.
The set has extensive accessories. The windows and doors can also open.
The roof can also be detatched so you can also play inside the detailed interior of the vehicle.
Length approx. 35 cm.
Made by quality plastic

There are two names on the window box: Dickie Toys and Kids Mate.

Comes with two bicycles, two chairs and the table.

I have no need for it, but it does look cool.

When I was a very little nipper I loved playing with my Fisher Price camper van!
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