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On his latest dig, Dr. Jones makes a startling discovery.

This is starting to get out of hand

Time to call in an expert

$7.99 each at Target.

These figures utilize something called photorealistic technology which results in some pretty good likenesses. My pics arenít the greatest, but it looks like a mini Sam Neill on my desk. If Indy figures ever return, I hope Hasbro uses this technology to give us a definitive Indy headsculpt.

A complete list of the new line can be found here:

Side note/rant: this is why I just canít get behind Hasbroís 5 POA 3.75Ē figures. Mattel was able to field a line of 3.75Ē figures, with functionally the same articulation as the Indy line, for a licensed property, at basically the same price as the Indy line was 10 years ago. I donít see why Hasbro canít do the same for lines like Star Wars or Marvel.
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