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Originally Posted by Face Palm
This series could really use a blu ray restoration!
What makes you say that it could "use" a "restoration"? I think the DVDs look (& sound) great already. Do you mean improve the picture quality or do you mean restore the original broadcasts?

Here's an older thread on the subject:
Mystery of the Blu(es)-ray
Originally Posted by Udvarnoky
I don't think Disney is going to fund any restoration effort.
Seeing as the series was Paramount Television, future distribution of it probably still lies under Paramount control (akin to the theatrical films). Disney might not be able to touch the TV show, even if they wanted to.
Originally Posted by Moedred
With Lucas no longer involved, they could always sideline (or stream) the educational featurettes, and release a complete 12 DVD (6 BD) set. But this time include all the extras and edits that actually relate to the series.
That would be the way to go, although, I wonder: How common it is for early-'90s-TV-series to be released on Blu-ray?
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