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I been wondering about this a lot. Does anyone know how the effects where composited? Many of the special effects from tv shows of this era were done on video. Even through the episodes were shot on film. So the effects shots were of a lower resolution. Problem with Blu-ray releases from this era of tv is the only completed version of the episodes are usually in video. For Star Trek The Next Generation, Paramount had to find the original negatives and re composite and recreate the special effects.

Though I wonder if that maybe have been different with this series. We are talking about George Lucas. He was ahead of the curve on everything. He also probably saved all the original film elements. Like he did with all his films.

I not sure if a BLu-Ray release would be huge improvement or not. I wish he had approved the needed work before he retired. Even if it sat on a shelf like the 3D versions of the Star Wars movies. At least they would exist for a future release at some point.
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