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It's a long and convoluted story but to put it simply Peter who now runs Wested, would have made the Raiders jacket like any other disposable film project. It wasn't until years later that anyone saw the commercial possibilities of manufacturing replicas for the public. By then it was pretty clear that the patterns for Raiders at least no longer existed. Wested could always make a good Crusade jacket but that was quite a different beast to the Raiders jacket in that it has a much more conventional fit. After Tony Nowak got the job of mmaking the jacket for CS he was apparently lent an original raiders jacket by lucasfilm to copy. The Wested hero, Steele and Jones and Kelso all come about as copies of this copy in one way or another. Don't get me wrong, the Wested Hero is a great jacket but Peter hasn't sourced and striated lamb that high definition prints of raiders clearly show the jacket was made of.

Money no object the Kelso is the best replica. Higher quality construction and higher quality leather but the Steele and Jones is also very good in terms of looking the part.
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