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Originally Posted by Drones33
Looks great.
I agree with DJD1 regarding the Wested. Great value for those of us in the UK. Ive had mine for a few years and its beginning to look nicely battered. I think if I lived in the U.S. though I`d probably be more inclined to go for Todds myself. Indeed its only the prohibitively high shipping costs that prevented me getting the rest of my gear from Todds.

Thanks! You're right...conversely for me, I'd be doing what you're doing and getting your gear mostly in the UK or EU too if I were there. As it stands, I may be getting more Todd's gear to improve on what I've gotten so far. Though one exception is that I might be getting a authentic MKVII bag from a guy in the EU to replace my replica. Also, I still may get a Wested custom tailored jacket in the future, but for now, I'm enjoying breaking in the jacket.
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