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Originally Posted by Djd1
Well, because they don't make the best jackets... I've owned four Westeds but they only got the Raiders look right once they were able to copy a Tony Nowak, because Tony was leant an original to copy. The Wested hero is now a good pattern but only Bill Kelso and Steele and Jones have been using the correct raiders leather.

The Wested Hero is an odd jacket that looks costumey in my opinion. And something about the lack of lining and some other details strikes me odd, and being that thinly tailored it doesn't seem like it would move well or be very comfortable.

And I went with goat for the toughness of the jacket. It's practically bulletproof, especially compared to lamb.

As for the affordability with shipping from overseas, I see it as a lifetime, perhaps generational expense. I'm 43, bought the jacket maybe 7 years ago, and will probably pass it on to my son when he grows up. So a few extra bucks is incidental in the long run.

Regardless of copies, revamps, and copies of copies, my preference is still to have a jacket made by the original makers.
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