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What about Paganitzu? It's a 1991 DOS game I used to play it a lot as a kid. Other forum members remember it? "Paganitzu is a puzzle game with action elements. Help the hero go through rooms of puzzles and traps to find treasure and a way out" (Mobygames)

Paganitzu consists of three separate episodes: Romancing The Rose, Quest for the Silver Dagger, and Jewel of Yucatan. Also, according to a contributor on Mobygames, Paganitzu is Aztec for Temple of the Gods. If these titles aren't Indiana Jones themed or convincingly similar enough, you should check out the main character's name: Alabama Smith, wearing a fedora. The whole game is definitely a pun; the main villain's name is Omigosh. No kidding. O, I almost forgot, the levels are full of snakes and boulders.

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