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I'm a bit of a perfectionist, so it kind of throws up a problem - either I do a diary covering EVERY SINGLE Indy adventure (which would take years) or I miss out whole sub-genres (RPG's, FYF's, etc) and don't pick or choose from them at all (if I did pick and choose it would mean NEARLY everything was done, but not all, and that would bug me more).

I figure that I'll continue with what I've got (which covers everything within each sub-genre that I've chosen to do) and then once all of that's done (and it will take a LONG time), then I'll go back to the start of the chronology and do a journal which is based purely on the FYF books. Then another based purely on the Marvel comics (and would include the French comics and anything else comic-wise, such as the Temple of Yearning, etc). Then (maybe) another based purely on the RPGs.

I will go and add the Temple of the Crystal Skull ride to my timeline though. And thank you for the link to those comics - I didn't know they existed and will enjoy reading them.

At the moment I'm still looking for a new journal to write up the rest of Emperor's Tomb in. I just can't find what I want (nothing is the right size, has about 100+ pages, has banana leaf or similar paper - i.e. browned paper like in this journal pictured, and has a leather cover or some kind of vintage oriental type cover).
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