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I checked them out, thanks.

Forbidden Kingdom looks terrible from what I saw. lol An Arthurian castle in the middle of a jungle?! I'm afraid it just doesn't really inspire me. That one won't be on the list.

Revenge of the Ancients looks like it has far more promise. I love that it has a reference to Coatlicue - I've always loved that statue/design and thought that Indy should be connected with it somehow. (Are they connected in any other stories? Maybe Marvel comics?) Unfortunately, not all of the game is there on YouTube, so I can't really work with it....

Oh, and I've finally solved my new journal problem - couldn't find anything suitable with leather and the correct paper and page number, but I DID find 50 page journals of the correct paper, with just a paper binding that were cheap. I got two, so when they arrive I'll take off the binding, combine them into one 100 page journal and then cut a cover for them from some leather I have lying spare. Then it'll be back to work....
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