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Originally Posted by Jeremiah Jones
Indiana Jones and the Secret of the Sphinx
Indy seems to behave far more like Indy in this book then the others. A bit more ruthless, maybe its because of what happened to Alecia...

As for the staff of Aaron, it makes a great quest item...

The Omega book was a cool artefact too...

The storm sequence was great though I was disappointed the new Zealander died so quickly, I liked that character. Imperial Japan made a good enemy to chase Indiana, nicely different to the Nazis.

I thought the sequence where Indy and Sallah explore the tomb beneath the Sphinx was great, real indiana Jones, I could picture that section clearer then any...

+1 on every excerpt above. This book was the Indy we meet at the very beginning or Raiders, before he ever says a word. In Raiders, when he whips the gun away, it bounces off the rock, and he walks up where we get the ominous close-up with the great, deep music - that's the Indy in this story. I felt it the whole time I was reading it.

Loved the Staff Of Aaron & the Omega Book chamber. Great stuff, vintage Indy all the way.

Expert handling of all things Sallah in this book. I thought Sallah sending the almonds was a great touch too. I could definitely see that happening in a film version.

The portion where he's saying goodbye to Sallah would have been a great spot to start a nice ending. In the book - they say goodbye - "next time, let's choose something a little less dangerous", Sallah gives him the letter from Mystery, and he reads it in the cab. As he was reading it, the Raiders theme was playing in my head. In my mind, he was slouching in the seat of the cab, putting his hat over his eyes as the end titles were starting to roll.

the aborted Time Travel plot, I really don't see why, once it was excised, all references to Indy's apart aging couldn't have been erased.

I disliked only the placement of this scene, not the substance. The story of the book is already over at this point and I would have been fine with a few pages of him returning the skull. Didn't need the extra. That said; I'm not bothered by it's time travel lean. To me, it reads as a sort of portal-behind-the-skull type of thing. A "space between spaces", if you will.

Anyway, that's it for me with the four McCoy novels. I loved them. They will almost certainly replace the films as my preferred way to experience Indiana Jones. They are much deeper. Which is to be expected, considering how much more room there is to tell a story, flesh-out a character, or play out a scene in a book vs a film.

I've already started reading Philosopher's Stone again.
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