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Post Max MCoy Interview

Originally Posted by StoneTriple
Just wanted to add that, of the four, Dinosaur Eggs & Secret of the Sphinx have some fairly descriptive violence and fight scenes. None of these are kid's books, but these two are even less so. If either of these were made into a film, there is some stuff Spielberg & Lucas would almost certainly leave out.
Apparently, Max McCoy wanted them to be even more adult-orientated and was told to remove a few things. (ex. Indy drinking urine!)

In case some people are not aware, Pat interviewed the authour for the latest IndyCast (#107) and it's definitely worth a listen. Among other things, McCoy talks about a few elements that didn't make it to the finished books. The interview starts 11 minutes into the show and lasts about 1/2 hour. Check it out!
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