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Sorry that this thread is such a mess now. If I could go back and edit my original posts I'd cut out all the non-working pictures....

Having just spent about 2 hours with a scanner and Photoshop, I have finally got to the point where I have scanned in every single page and cropped the scans correctly. As such, I've done a bit of cleaning up, deleted all the old pictures of the pages, now that I've got high resolution, large, flat images of each page.

I still have to sit and fill in a whole lot of little black bits around the edges of the pages where the scan wasn't quite straight. Then I'll have to cop down to each individual page (rather than a double page spread). Then I'm going to try to work out how to arrange the pages so that the correct pages will print back-to-back. I've worked too long on this to keep it to myself....
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