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Originally Posted by Pale Horse
I think movie watchers of late forget one piece of moviemaking that is most key. Studios make movies to make MONEY. This movie will solve that problem.

We all say we want art and true storytelling with rich environments, but we support the opposite with our monies going both the films, and to larger corporate sponsors who want differently. (That is, to make money)

We're all hypocritical viewers in that sense. Unless you're a pirate. Then you're taking what you want without giving anything back.

I'm not calling you out IB, just pointing out something that bothers me about what people say they want and what they truly support.

Argument as old as time really.

You're right and I get what you're saying. The reason these things exist is because studios will always side with whatever makes the most money and we're all guilty of giving our hard-earned dollars to schlock at one point or another. Heck, I went with my family to see The Scorpion King, so I have to face my own hypocrisy on this issue too.

For all I know this film may be great, or it may be terrible. I like a wide range of films, from classics and indie films to blockbusters and huge franchises. I'm not picky but aside from easy money there's zero point to rebooting the Mummy franchise at this point. Obviously the name-brand recognition and "edgier" tone may be enough to sway audiences; I guess I just lost interest in it after the tepid third movie. Ultimately audiences will decide but I'll be sitting this one out. I don't frequent theaters much anymore so maybe I'm just too cheap and picky to know what's hot anymore!
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