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Originally Posted by WilliamBoyd8
IMDB today (July 18 2012) lists the following:
???? Indiana Jones 5 (announced) Indiana Jones
2013 Paranoia (filming)
2013 42 (filming) Branch Rickey
2013 Ender's Game (post-production) Colonel Hyrum Graff

"Ender's Game" is the usual space aliens.

They might want to change the title of "42" as some might think it refers to US president Clinton because George Bush Sr. is sometimes called "41" and Bush Jr. "43".
The film "42" is about 1940's baseball player Jackie Robinson.

Colonel Hyrum Graff?

Short of Indiana Moans, could there be a more apposite name for a stereotypical latterday Harrison Ford character?

I can just see him now, giving one of his grumptastically withering scowls at young cast members, while clearing a ton of catarrah out his throat.
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