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I haven't had a comic shop pull list in ages, but I made the unusual request for Marvel Previews. At $1.25 for 100 color pages, I wonder why more don't ask for it. Overall there seems to be less fan service (boobs) on the shelves than last decade. I don't know if DC has toned things down also. Few comic titles are numbered in the hundreds, instead story arcs seem to wrap up under 20 issues and may even go on hiatus.

Launching today, the 3 Star Wars titles start at year zero "ABY" after Episode 4. Star Wars and Darth Vader tell opposing sides of the war, and there's a 5-issue Princess Leia title. Preview pages show familiar scenes like Vader stomping into Jabba's palace. Will he visit his mother's grave and wonder what's keeping that blond kid with his blue milk and a straw? Find out next month!
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