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Tales of the Gold Monkey on DVD

ok this isn't exactly news as it's been announced since I think December or January, still I think that as a contemporary of our dear Dr. Jones adventures the short lived series starring Stephen Collins (Star Trek The Motion Picture, 7th Heaven) and Roddy McDowell (Planet of The Apes) deserves a shout-out!
Tales of the Gold Monkey was originally concieved in the 1970's but TV executives at the time didn't believe an adventure series set in the late 1930's would draw much ratings. With the Success of Raiders of the Lost Ark, however, Tales was given the green light.
Tales of the Gold Monkey centers around the adventures of freelance cargo pilot and former Flying Tiger Jake Cutter (Collins, they fudged the years making Cutter a former Tiger despite the fact that the American Volunteer Group didn't form officially til 1941) His One eyed dog Jack, His Mechanic Corky and Sarah Stickney White (an undercover Agent for the US Government)
Jake flies a Grumman G-21 Goose. (A beautiful Seaplane called Cutter's Goose in the series)
The series takes place largely on the fictional South Pacific Islands of Bora Gora (based loosely on the real world island Borbora), Matuka, and Tagataya

The DVD set hits stores June 8th and can be pre-ordered here.
I highly recommend this series to any adventure fan.
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