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Originally Posted by Stoo
(...but any "Gold Monkey" fan would've never watched that show since it aired during the same time-slot.)

I can safely say that I had never heard of this show until this thread popped up here, so, whoever started this thread, thanks for bringing it to my attention!

This has been floating around my Netflix queue for quite some time, and I finally decided to bump it up to the top. Glad I did, too! Despite my initial reservations about Stephen Collins in the lead (he'll forever be condemned as The Dad in Seventh Heaven), I was quite entertained. There were some appalling bad 80's-era VFX (specifically, the natives' Adoration of the Uranium) that momentarily took me out of the story, but it holds up quite well. The weather work, for example, is superb. And whether or not it was intentional, having the cast almost always sweating really sold the location as the South Pacific.

I'm only three episodes in, but it's definitely a find. I'll need to jump another disc or two to the top of my queue soonish. I've got some notes here to flesh out later, but a couple of early concerns:

- Was the story actually fixed to the thirties? The principle cast is dressed for the period, but at times supporting cast look like they've stumbled off the set of Blue Hawaii. To be blunt, the clothing is wrong for the period.

-Jake appears to have been in the Flying Tigers. They weren't commissioned until, what, '41?

- Cutter's Goose doesn't strike me as the plane of a bush pilot. It looks like he should be ferrying passengers to Fantasy Island instead. Too clean and cushioned!

The Monkey Bar is a great set, and I wish the monkey Jake picked up in the pilot was still roaming the bar in the later episodes. It would have been a nice little touch.

Also: The TaleSpin comparisons are spot on! Somebody at Disney Animation was really inspired.
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