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I'm sure many of you are familiar with this news item from last January, but since it's relevant to this thread, I'll post it here for the newcomers:

PSI2 Magazine features this info about Indiana Jones 4: "The plot is most heavily rumoured around Atlantis, but Steven Spielberg has confirmed otherwise and commented that it will be something biblical and something to do with Adam and Eve. Harrison Ford, Sean Connery and John Rhys Davies have all been asked to return for a tenuous winter 2003 shooting start."

Of course, this was written in 2002, and I'm sure plenty has changed since then, but on the other hand, a few days before this, there was another article in Empire magazine stating:

Steven Spielberg stated: "We've finished our meetings . . . It's a completely mapped-out story, as mapped-out as what George, Larry Kasdan and I first mapped out with Raiders Of The Lost Ark, Frank (Darabont the screen writer) has gone from lip service to pages. He's now doing what most writers hate to do . . . which is write. It's a very exciting movie . .

So, if the story was completely mapped out, and then a few days later Spielberg comments that it will involve Adam and Eve, I really think The Garden of Eden thing may happen. Still, they could be purposely trying to mislead us.... who knows?

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