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Originally Posted by indyclone25
on this week's show "the goldbergs" the youngest child has a raiders of the lost ark poster in his room , not much of a reference but nice seeing the poster in a room like i had when i grew up in the eighties
From the mailbag:
I handle PR for the tv series The Goldbergs. There is an upcoming episode that is inspired by Indiana Jones/ Harrison Ford, and I would love to pass on a clip for you to post to your fan page! The episode is airing on Wednesday 3/7 and we would love your support. Please let me know if you're interested, and I can pass along something for you to post
From Wikipedia:
"Adam Spielberg" - Adam decides to make his own Indiana Jones film with Jackie and Erica's help, and despite his insistence that she does not interfere, Beverly enlists Johnny, Carla, Dan, Taz Money and the JTP to assist with the production. The filming is plagued with issues, leading Adam to have a nervous breakdown and abandon his dream of directing. Beverly helps him see that the part of the process he most enjoyed was the scriptwriting, and he decides to pursue writing as a career, while the production resumes with Johnny as director.
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