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well i just got back from the 11:30 am showing of raiders at "the music box theatre" in chicago
1.the screen was probably 3 to 4 ft high and 12 ft long --in a theatre that was the size of a three car garage!
2.the print was pretty good actually with a few green lines that popped at times but what can you expect from a old print?
3.sound was good for dolby surround ---which means not 5.1 surround
4. overall not a bad viewing would have been nicer to see it on a bigger traditional screen , but it was , what is was .
my son and i went in our fedoras ( he was dressed in his indy costume ) i just wore my hat and jacket, some people asked to take pics of us , and i heard another patron say he had seen others at the midnight showing wearing the hats too.
so that was my experience seeing the film back on the big screen --- my umpteenth time and my sons first time seeing RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK
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