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It's been so long since I saw that show that I honestly can't remember how good or bad it was. I DO remember it though.

I know that the concept was great............

Yes, it WAS an obvious attempt to cash in on the Indiana Jones type theme, but so what.

As I remember the hero was based somewhere in the South Pacific on an island, it was the 30's, and he had a flying boat....I think he shipped cargo......that was the premise.

Being in the Pacific in the 30's, the Japanese tended to be the heavies, along with pirates, and other assorted bad guys.

good format for adventure stories.

Basic 1930's ADVENTURE type stuff.

If Amazon doesn't have it, then I don't know where you'd be able to find it. There does seem to be a lot of interest in this old series. You would think that it would be available somewhere.
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